Mail van meester Kanamori

Vandaag ontving ik een mail van meester Kanamori.
De boodschap is voor iedereen!

Dear Ellen,

Thank you very much for your close cooperation during my stay in your beautiful country. I was so happy to visit your enjoyable class and to be welcomed by your cute students. Their questions pointed out the essence of key issues that requied me to answer after some consideration. It is vitally important for each of them to ask questions and to be curious about things around him/her and pursue proper answers because in this way they can deepen their study by themselves. I hope they treasure their way of studying.
Please pass my best regards to all your students.

I would like to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart for being honorably selected as the Best Teacher of the Netherlands though you are a relatively young teacher. I believe that there must have been not only you own endeavour but support, encouragement and back-up from the children, their parents and your colleagues.
Please take children’s reality and their wish seriously, and start always from this point and make your best effort toward the happiness of the children. If possible I will back you up from Japan.

I hope you can pass my best regards to all the people, the principal and teachers in your school.








1 reactie op “Mail van meester Kanamori

  1. Hey Ellen,
    Mooie website, eindelijk alles bij elkaar!
    Helder, overzichtelijk en sprekend, je spiegelbeeld!
    Groetjes, Sandra